Riddle Me This, Batman

I am confused. And Drained.

At this point I am pretty convinced my life has morphed into that last scene in Rosemary’s Baby…you know the one, where all of a sudden you realize everybody you trusted were all part of this big deception, and guess what! Congratulations!!! You just spawned the Son of Satan! Ha Ha! Didn’t see that one comin’, did you? NOPE.

Have you ever had the experience of knowing that something was just plain wrong, but when you try to change it or fix it, correct the situation or defend yourdelf,- you just get told you’re crazy? That there is  nothing wrong, except YOUR perception, which is completely and utterly FLAWED and incorrect? Don’t you just love being told how hyper-sensitive you are when they are screaming this revelation to you? Of course I’m hyper-f@cking sensitive!!! You’re freaking me the f@ck out!! When you scream, IT SCARES ME!!

Does Not Compute.


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