So you’d like to know more about this mysterious enigma who goes by the name LeDonna?

Yes you do.  Don’t roll your eyes at me.

2 Responses to “Tell Me More About LeDonna”

  1. May 21, 2008 at 4:01 am

    Famous Ledonna’s in History!

    1. Ledonna Buckner

    Director of Contact Lens Services, Virginia Eye Institute, Richmond, Virginia. Fellow Member and Board Member of the Contact Lens Society of America. Editor in Chief of EyeWitness Magazine. Recipient of the President’s Star Award, Contact Lens So…
    ciety of America. National Educational Speaker in the area of Contact Lens Education.

    2. Ledonna Green

    Yo wuz gud BEBO peeps dis ya gurl LeDonna.And im str8 outta Oxford(also known as O-Town). And to tell you da truth it iz boring here aint nuffin to do ,but chill and go to games and parties…..But when you come by just show me sum luv or sumffin….and holla at me when ya get a chance….

    3. LeDonna Sotomayor

    Voice Over Talents. Flexible, good for accents, girl next door, unique

    • LeDonna Sotomayor is registered with Voice123 since May 07, 2008.
    • LeDonna Sotomayor started his/her voice over career in 2008.

    4. Ledonna Masimba

    Besides wat Natalie told me 2 do…eat,sleep n eat,sleep.M goin 2 work part tym

  2. 2 rtm
    June 27, 2008 at 5:48 am


    I’m not even sure what skag name I used on myspace, but I was one of your loser stalkers, albeit one with an above average vocabulary, and a tab at the Rendezvous.

    Sorry to read about the latest road bumps.

    Stick with it.

    It’s a hard place, this world, and a sharp eye and sense of humor don’t always pad the shocks.

    Anyhow, hope your new job is less soul sucking. And Georgetown Artopia is this weekend. You should check that shit out. They iz yr peeps.

    And, finally, get off the B-52s ass. Yes, they got old. There is only one other alternative to getting old, and Ricky Wilson would tell you it sucks even worse. I have a powerful weapon I use as I age – the delusion that I am a better person, smarter, sexier, more shit together, and funnier, than I was the day before.

    Try it sometime.


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